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We are a local marketing agency specializing in developing strategies for the growth and positioning of local businesses, tourism entities and franchises.

We areEntrepreneurs, Startuppers, Consultants, Specialists.

We have already made most of the mistakes that can be made by opening businesses and investing in marketing activities.

We have applied everything we have studied and tested it for years on our own skin, with our own money and in our own businesses.

We have gained direct experience, consistently expanding our skills to achieve great results.

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Growing a business is not an easy task.. 

At Spinaci Marketing, we make this journey less stressful, more effective and predictable.

Why are we so confident and what makes us so unique?


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Fabio Grassi | Chianì

“I was looking for an agency that was always up to date with the social media world and one that could offer me dynamic and variable marketing strategies depending on the situation and needs.

Fortunately, I found the support I was looking for. This collaboration has evolved and led to a strengthening of our marketing strategy and many benefits for our business. I’m confident their help will lead us far together.”

Silvia N. | Kappa Group

“We collaborated for several months and were followed meticulously. We established a strong partnership, rich in dialogue and exchange of visions, focused on shared goals that were successfully achieved by a very competent team, always quick and decisive when problems arose.

Our company has benefited by increasing sales, visibility and user engagement. We received a lot of useful feedback to improve ourselves and offer a more efficient service towards our clientele.”

We collaborated with:

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Google my Business

Google My Business is the most important online tab for any local business. It drives local business search results on Google search, maps, Google Assistant (voice search) and more.

For a local business, the GMB board is indispensable.

Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business tab is critical both to help users find information about your business and to intercept new potential customers.

Facebook / Instagram Advertising

Facebook Ads is the platform used to create ads on Facebook and Instagram. An ad is content (a post, a photo or a video) that businesses can promote in the form of an advertisement, investing a budget of their choice to show it to thousands of users. Facebook Ads is particularly effective because it allows you to select a target audience based on demographics, interests and behaviors, useful actions to increase your brand awareness and your business’s profits.

Google Advertising

Google Ads is the online advertising solution used by businesses to promote their products and services on Google, YouTube and other websites. It also allows you to choose specific goals for your ads, such as generating phone calls or visits to your website. With Google Ads, you can show your ads when a user searches online for the products and services you offer, right when the potential customer is ready to buy.

Websites and Landing pages

The job of a website is to provide relevant information about your company and the products or services you offer. People search for information about a company on search engines such as Google. It is therefore crucial to be seen online, so we can offer users what they want at the time they need it. All things being equal, potential customers will always choose the company that provides them with the right information and is reassuring in pandering to users’ needs and desires. The real strength of a website is related to the freedom of customization so that the site can convert a user into a customer.

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